At the beginning of summer, I was having the hardest time finding a true gluten free sunscreen. When I gluten-free-sunscreen-blueberriesasked my doctor, Dr. Peter Osborne, for advice he said there is none and to eat berries instead. I was shocked and I didn't believe that berries were enough to protect me from the sun; I tested his theory while visiting Texas in 102 degree temperatures and the hot sun. 

It is now the end of August, and I haven't touched a drop of sunscreen all summer. I've always been one to burn and not tan easily. I was shocked to find that I'm the darkest I've ever been. I didn't realize that once you put sunscreen on with an SPF higher than 8, you are actually blocking your body's ability to absorb Vitamin D. I am Vitamin D deficient, so the last thing I want is to make it harder for my body to have the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Vitamin D is an essential building block for proper thyroid hormone production and helps your body produce insulin. For me, having hypothyroidism and now diabetes, I need to make sure that my body can get all the Vitamin D it needs. 

Instead of putting sunscreen on every morning this summer, I make myself a berry smoothie. Here is my favorite one that I've mastered:

1 banana
5 strawberries
Handful of blueberries
4-5 ice cubs
¼ cup of coconut water
Splash of water (depending on your liking) 

I blend 1 minute with my Vitamix and then I am out the door ready to start my day in the sun!


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