Today you have to eat 52 bowls of spinach to equal the same amount of nutrition that used to be in 1 bowl of spinach. Between our depleted soils, herbicides, pesticides, GMOs and chemicals to our polluted environment, processed foods, and animals raised inhumanly, we are now seeing more than ever the harm these toxicities are taking on our health. 
A recent Yale University Medical School study revealed that about 80% of Americans have some level of insulin resistance and that is including children. This means that nutrients are unable to penetrate our cells to repair, regenerate and fuel our bodies. We are left with an epidemic of sick people - fatigued, that suffer with inflammation, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, autoimmune conditions, and a whole host of other unexplainable symptoms. Many doctors will just "slap a label on you," prescribe a medication, and send you on your way. This process only leads patients on a downward spiral. 
Have you ever observed kids and young people? They have this light and energy about them. However, as people grow older they seem to lose energy and stamina and dull out. Every cell in the body have “batteries,” called mitochondria. Similar to a cell phone. If your cell phone battery is running low, you have to charge the phone, otherwise your phone dies. Same with our “batteries,” they too need to be charged. If we do not recharge, our cells become more and more dull until we either recharge the cell or the cell burns out, in which our organs and systems no longer function properly and become dis-eased.
The mitochondria “battery” needs real fuel to keep the cell charged and creating life force energy, which is called ATP. ATP is the essential fuel for every organ and system in our bodies. Recent studies have revealed the significance to maintaining healthy mtDNA, which is the DNA that resides inside the mitochondria. Opposed to standard DNA that has histones and introns for protection from free radical damage, mtDNA is much more defenseless and vulnerable to oxidative damage because mtDNA does not have this protective component.
Did you know that mitochondrial cell division takes place about every 5 to 6 days? Therefore, damage in the old cells can reproduce and spread quickly. This is what in time consumes the persons energy levels and may cause abnormal cellular formation. 
To summarize not only are we dealing with a polluted environment, mental and physical stressors that are causing our bodies to run on “steam,” but nutrients are unable to penetrate and enter our cells to bring us to life and make us feel great. We were NOT meant to grow old and suffer. We CAN live full abundant lives. Our bodies are a miracle. We just need to give our cells the right nutrition, and our bodies can heal itself. 
No there is not one magic pill or cure all. We are all unique individuals. And every new discovery has its place in bringing our bodies back into harmony and balance. True healing begins when we not only focus on food, but rather all 3 tiers - physical, mental / emotional, and spiritual. That being said, I want to share with you a functional food that has brought my healing to new heights. 
The product, known as Purple Rice, is grown in Thailand. This ancient strain of heirloom purple rice is grown in a pure valley unaltered by pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and chemicals. Grown in highly mineralized soils, and harvested at peak perfection, this functional food is carried out by hand, as they do not allow trucks and vehicles to pollute the harvest. 
"The consumption of this rice was limited to the emperors of the lost powerful dynasties in Asia, their families, and the warriors that rode into battle for them.” The purple rice was once forbidden to the commoners because of the healing and powerful strength the superfood provides.
Not only does purple rice contain higher levels of nutrients and amino acids than many other rice families, but the purple rice is put into a highly specialized milling machine, allowing the endosperm (also known as the heart of the rice) and the bran layer to be extracted from the grain. The rest of the rice is discarded.
The endosperm and the bran layer are where all the powerful healing nutrients resides. The endosperm contains all the ancient polysaccharides (natural sugars needed for fuel) and all the polypeptides, which are amino acids, the bodies building blocks. Finally the bran layer contains anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants 1,600x more potent than blueberries. These nutrients are then milled down into the size of a micron, allowing them to enter your cells and recharge your “batteries.” 
This amazing raw food is able to bypass digestion - Thank goodness!! As a majority of the US population suffers from some level of Leaky Gut, resulting in unabsorbed food, that leads to malnourishment. Remember we are NOT what we eat, we are what we ABSORB. Anyways this is a topic for later discussion :) Back to Purple Rice. The milling machine micronizes the rice to the point the molecules are so tiny they form a charged alpha glucan chain reaction, allowing the nutrition to easily enter through the cell wall fueling the mitochondria (our cellular batteries). This in turn creates ATP Light Energy, enabling your cells to heal and reproduce healthier new cells. 
Another added benefit, knowing the polysaccharides (natural sugars) enter your cells, you do not have to worry about Glycation. Glycation occurs when a cell is damaged and insulin resistant, resulting in sugars floating around in the blood stream, and latching on to proteins and fats. According to Dr. Mercola this results in the development of chronic degenerative diseases associated with aging and declining organ function. For example, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Diabetes to name a few. This process also creates inflammation, which can activate your immune system. When the glycated sugars embed in the blood stream, the scar tissue created from this process causes plaque - Hardening of the arteries. 
In summery, your body is a miracle! If given the right nutrients, the body can heal itself. In addition to proper nutrition (consuming whole organic foods), limiting your stress is important, along with exercise, and avoiding chemicals, toxins, and pollutants in everything from household cleaners, to bug spays, to personal care products, and lawn pesticides. Your entire lifestyle needs to be taken into account!! And yes, Purple Rice can help the process of healing your body from the inside out and allow true healing to begin! 
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