My boyfriend and I have differing opinions when it comes taking OTC drugs. He grew up in a household that was readily stocked with medications and always had the biggest bottle of ibuprofen you could find. Perfect example - yesterday he was complaining of a headache after being in the sun all afternoon. Instead of grabbing a glass of water (as I knew he was just dehydrated), he goes for the bottle of ibuprofen.

OTC-drugs-vs-alternative-medicineWe take medicine and expect results. Why is it wrong to think we can't eat the right foods and expect similar results? Somewhere between the paradigm shift of our hunting and gathering days to mass industrialization of "food" we forgot what it is like to eat real, whole, pure food. 

We have come to accept that we go to the grocery and buy foods that are so processed that they have to be fortified with vitamins and minerals to make them "safe" to consume again. Did you know that when grains were first introduced to the market, the government made manufactures fortify them with vitamins and minerals because they realized grains were making people sick? Dr. Peter Osborne talks more about the fortification process and the detrimental qualities of grains

The average American spends 4 hours in front of the TV everyday  and by the time they turn 65, they will have seen 2 million commercials. Being wrapped up in our daily lives makes it really easy to forget that we are watching advertisements and being marketed to. Pharmaceutical companies alone spent  $1.58 billion in 2012 advertising to us so we knew what to ask our doctors for when we went into their office.

We listen to celebrities like Larry the Cable Guy who lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem eating processed, fortified food. When that stopped working, and he realized how hard it was to maintain weight loss with fake food, he became the spokesperson for Prilosec- the over the counter drug you can take so you can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about heart burn. 

We as consumers fall for these marketing ploys time and time again by buying their products and believing their false claims. Last year the weight loss industry made $20 billion. It pays for Americans to be fat; weight loss companies depend on it!

It's time for us to stop falling prey to the food manufacture and pharmaceutical companies and make the paradigm shift back to our hunting and gathering days. Instead of going to the doctor and asking for a pill for your ailments - try going on a cleanse, only eating organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, organic chicken, and wild fish. Preparing pure, wholesome meals takes a little bit of effort, but we can't expect our body to heal itself with microwave dinners. 

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