Gluten_Free_Bread_Grain_Free_BreadI FOUND A TRUE GLUTEN FREE BREAD!! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I was shopping in Whole Foods they other day and found bread that I can actually eat and don't have to make! They are a Vermont made company too, which made me even more excited being a local VT girl. What's even better is their products are made from mostly local suppliers. 

I love their pizzas, but I personally have to be careful with my dairy intake right now. I suggest adding some fun toppings on them too. For example the other night I made their pesto pizza and added some fresh basil, tomato, and spicy grass-feed beef. However, their cinnamon raisin bagels are my favorite.

Growing up on processed breads, I never thought about how unhealthy they really were and that ingesting a bread that has a shelf life of a month, probably isn't good for you.  Keep in mind that when you buy REAL BREAD (grain free or not), you don't want to be consuming it if it has a shelf life longer than 2-3 days. Buy the real stuff!! Start buying your breads in the frozen food section of your grocery store. They will have higher quality ingredients and trust me, your gut will thank you for it! 

Check out Against The Grain Gourmet and see where they sell the product near you! 


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