Three years ago I was guilty of consuming food dyes and coloring. I never gave much thought to them and I had no idea how dangerous they were. My days spent in my stressed out corporate job, I'd snack on handfuls of Skittles and Mike & Ikes. I loved the vitamin gummies- I treated them like candy. I used to take One A Day Women's and sometimes almost puked if I ate them on an empty stomach.... and now I know why! 

I think by now we should know that we can't always trust the FDA making the right judgments for our food quality. The food dyes and coloring that are allowed in our food today is just another example of the U.S. food standards falling below that of other countries. So check your labels, and toss them if they have any of the following ingredients. 

Here are some more tips on what to look for on your supplement labels.

Colors to Die For





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