I can’t believe it took me 28 years to feel FABULOUS! I can’t believe that I lived with a constant stomach ache my whole life. I can’t believe that I thought all the expensive beauty products in the world would make me beautiful. I can’t believe I thought all the retail therapy would help ease my stress. I can’t believe I trusted my doctor’s word that I had to just deal with my IBS and that my hypothyroidism was incurable. I am grateful that at 26 years old I found the holistic world with some great doctors and educators to teach me the truth. make-your-body-sexiest-outfit-you-own

The truth is that understanding your health is quite simple. The food you put in your body will make up your cells, blood, skin, hair, and soul. If you feed your body crap, then you are going to eventually look and feel like crap! If you aren’t giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs, how do you expect to have soft skin, beautiful hair, and a clear face? If you aren’t giving your body nutrition, what do you think will happen to your cells when they start to divide? Will they divide and replicate into more healthy cells, or will the divide and start to build cancer cells and other metabolic diseases? We all have cancer and bad cells in our body, and only YOU have the power to fight them off by giving your body proper nutrition. 

If your body is your temple, why don’t we all treat it with utmost respect by giving it organic, whole, healthy foods? When I tell people about my new way of living and eating, one of the most common push backs I hear  is “I can’t afford to buy organic” or “I can’t afford to buy grass-fed beef” or “I’m not spending $6.50 on a dozen of pastured raised eggs." The ironic thing is that when I’m being told this, that average female is typically wearing a designer bag and designer jeans. I used to be that girl, so I am not hear to judge, but I know how much the average girls spends at Sephora to buy her makeup, I know how much she spends on those designer jeans so her butt looks “perfect," and I know that her lunch breaks are probably spent shopping for another pair of shoes that she just "had to buy" because they were such a great deal. I used to be that girl in the corporate world, hiding behind all of these material possessions, with a constant stomach ache, crappy skin, and stressed. 

I remember on one occasion when my girlfriend was very against the whole “eat organic and grass-fed hype." When I started this journey two years ago, I remember her saying “that is ridiculous I couldn’t afford to eat like that.” The ironic thing is that she has thousands of dollars of designer jeans in her closet, the most shoes I’ve ever seen a girl have, and doesn’t think twice about dropping $500 on a nice dinner with her husband. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing those things, but my point is that eating organic, whole foods is a choice. What are things that you are wiling to give up in your life so you can buy higher quality foods? For example, I stopped buying the $5 latte at Starbucks every afternoon because I was drowning at my desk and I stopped dropping a couple hundred dollars at the bar every week on excessive amounts of alcohol. 

As Americans we often live in the moment and think that we can continue to abuse our bodies and some magic "purple pill" will fix it. I was disappointed to see a friend recently advertising you could still lose weight eating an unhealthy meal of pulled pork and french fries, as long as you took these Omni Drops. Even if it does help you lose weight, how are you building healthy cells, blood, and body so you can live an amazing future? 

On my Grandfather’s death bed, he said to my mom, “you don’t have anything without your health." So the next time you go on a shopping spree or drop a few hundred dollars out at the bar drinking, don’t come to me the next week and say that you can’t afford to eat healthy. Now please don’t think I am judging. I used to be that girl, but I am so happy I left that girl behind and found my true health! I am also so happy to say I have to keep donating my designer jeans because they are too big, and instead of being concerned about replacing them with another pair, I decided to keep focusing on making MY BODY the sexiest outfit I can wear. 

I share this passion for my cousin who died from a terminal cancer at 32, for my grandfather who died at 55 from abdominal carcinoma (cancer in his intestines), and my grandmother who died at 71 from lymphoma cancer. 

So if you are like me who used to be jealous of the girl in your office with the Louis Vuitton Bag…. Make her jealous by building your sexy body instead ;) 



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