Growing up I always had white spots on my nails and I never knew what it meant. 
Today I now know that my entire life I was always zinc deficient. 

Dr. Osborne of talks about zinc deficiency and how it is common among gluten sensitive people. 

Due to my leaky gut, zinc was a mineral I became deficient in, so I started taking Dr. Osborne's zinc supplement. The great thing about his supplements is that they are #TrueGlutenFree. There are no gluten fillers with wheat or corn that you have to worry about. 


What is even better, is that I only had to take this supplement for 8-months. Once I stopped eating grains, my body was able to absorb the nutrients that I was eating. Now that I have gotten rid of my leaky gut syndrome, I am no longer zinc deficient. No more white spots for me :) 

Go to Dr. Osborne's online store and click on gluten free supplements tab and you will see the Ultra Zinc supplement I recommend. 



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