I've come to the hard realization that no matter how hard you try, you can NOT out train a bad diet. I was talking Best_Way_To_Lose_Weight_Supplement_Morewith my Postman this week (who I love dearly) and asked him how many miles he walked a day. I was shocked when he said his route was 6-7 miles. I thought to myself- "How is it possible that a guy that walks 6-7 miles, 5 days a week has a HUGE belly." I quickly reminded myself that it is just another example that we can truly never out run a bad diet. 

Despite what we've been told by the media, calories in, DOES NOT equal calories out. Our bodies do not assimilate all foods equally, and the chemicals and additives in most foods we consume today make it impossible for our bodies to digest. Diet sodas and 0 calorie drinks are some of the worst offenders. The chemicals in these drinks actually make us more fat as our body doesn't know how to process the chemicals. At least if you were drinking the 32 grams of sugar in a regular soda, your body would know that it is now on "sugar overload" and your liver and kidney’s need to process and get out of your body ASAP.

Working with clients I've started to notice some common themes and frustrations when it comes to their "dieting".  While they are often successful incorporating more exercise, greens, and high quality proteins into their daily routines, they still aren't seeing the weight loss results they were hoping for. As Americans we are always looking for a quick fix or that "magic purple pill" and I think it is important to remember that we need to be kind to ourselves and that the years of neglect on our bodies will take time to recover. However, that being said, there are some ways you can speed up that recovery process through basic supplementation. 

I know from personal experience that during my healing process, supplementation was necessary for me to heal myself of the diabetes, IBS, hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia - like symptoms. I hated the thought of being on prescription drugs for the rest of my life, so I sought out some ways that I could naturally heal my body. And despite my clean eating, I quickly learned I wouldn't be able to get all the nutrients my body needed from my food alone. Here are for a couple of reasons why: 

First, due to the damage my body had (in my case it was from gluten exposure), I wasn't able to process and assimilate the foods I was eating correctly. My leaky gut caused the healthy foods I was eating to go directly into my bloodstream, and not making its way to my intestines where proper digestion occurs. In fact, many people today are affected by inflammation and yeast overgrowth in their body's, and don't realize this could be their trigger to other auto-immune diseases they are experiencing. 

Second, I learned that our food quality is less --- and yes that applies to organic foods as well. No matter how hard we try to eat and maintain a healthy diet, it is nearly impossible with our food quality today to get all of our vitamins and minerals we need from foods alone. For example, 50 years ago you could eat 1 bowl of spinach and would have had your weekly iron need. Today you'd have to eat 54 bowls of organic spinach to get the same level of iron. Most Americans are walking around starved and they don't even know it; I was one of those people that despite my clean diet was still extremely malnourished. 

Have you ever wondered why a child from a 3rd world country looks starved, only skin and bones, but their mother is often big with a lot of belly fat? When I saw those commercials on TV I remember I used to think "it's mean that the mom's are clearly getting enough food, but their child is straved." I know now that is the first sign of malnourishment. Despite the mother's bigger bellies, they are just as starved as their child, however they have years of eating unhealthy, highly processed, nutritionally poor food now being stored in their fat cells, making them "fat." Every time they eat any food, their body will automatically store it as fat, as it has no idea when the next meal will come. SO the next time you see an overweight homeless person on the street, don't assume they are doing OK because they are fat; they are mostly likely nutritionally depleted and starving to death!

How many people today do you personally know that despite all of their dieting efforts, have excess body fat they can't get rid of? Ever wonder why Omni Drops, NutriSystem, and Weight Watchers don't work in the long run? There is NO NUTRITION in the foods they are selling. A person on one of these diets will put their body through starvation mode, lose the weight, but then when they start to eat "real food" again, their body will suck it up in their fat cells as a way to protect themselves from literally starving to death. 

So I am here today to tell you that there is a much easier way to eat and be well, and it does not require your typical starvation-based diet. First, eat more organic greens and high quality proteins when you can and two, (perhaps your biggest success to weight loss issupplement more. I guarantee your body is starving today and it just needs some more nutrients so it can process and function more efficiently. 

Be kind to yourself and give your body the nutrition it needs! 


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