Gluten_Free_Vanilla_ExtractWhen baking a true gluten free, grain free dish, it's important to watch for any alcohol in your baking products. Gluten is often hidden in the from of alcohol. I'd say about 90% of the time if there is alcohol in the product, it is most likely derived from corn. Remember that corn has the gluten protein zien, which is comprised of 55% of the gluten protein. With the holidays around the corner, here are two gluten free baking products you want to make sure that you have in your pantry:  
  1. Gluten Free Vanilla Extract- It took Bridget and I awhile to find a gluten free vanilla extract, but we finally found one from Vanilla From Tahiti
  2. Gluten Free Stevia- Another product we had a hard time finding a #TrueGlutenFree option; good news is that we found TWO: Trader Joes Organic Liquid Stevia and Sweet Leaf, Sweet DropsGluten_Free_Stevia

Happy Baking : )



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