gluten-free-snacks-Plantain-ChipsWhen I learned that corn was a form of gluten and had to give up my tortilla chips, plantain chips became my new go to snack. But when my doctor stressed the importance of avoiding any packaged foods that were processed or manufactured in the same facility as wheat, corn, rice, milk and soy I panicked. It is almost impossible to find a true gluten free brand that is not packaged and processed in the same facility as other grains. To make matters worse, since the FDA doesn't consider corn and rice a form of gluten, food manufactures aren't required to put it on the label. This means, to make sure you are 100% safe consuming the product, you need to pick up the phone and reach out to the manufacture. 

But not to worry, Jen and I did all the work for you and found an awesome brand - Samai Plaintain Chips. When we reached out to the owner, here is what he shared with us: 


"Dear Bridget,

Thank you for your message and interest in our SAMAI natural snacks.
Yes, they are manufactured in a grain free facility. The only things we
process are fruits and vegetables with 100% vegetable oil.
The only flavor I would not recommend you eat is the Plantain Chips lime
flavor, since the dry lemon is produced in a supplier facility that also
uses in some of their formulations a type of sugar derived from corn.
However, I suggest you do not eat this flavor of our plantain chips (LIME)
until you check with your MD, OK?
In general, may I suggest you try to eat simpler-still yummy flavor snacks
like our Salted Plantain Chips, Naturally Sweet Plantain Chips, Rainforest
Veggie Crisps - Salted (same for other snacks and food products), that way
there is no risk of cross contamination at the flavoring level either.
I have noticed that there is a rising trend in natural granola bars to use
rice syrup for example. So make sure you check the labels carefully. I
assume that your allergic reaction is to the protein in those grains, not to
the sugars in those grains, but it is better that you check with your MD
Please let me know if I can be of further help.
Kind regards,
Mónica Alatorre
Marketing Manager
Light,  Love & Food"

Another brand of plantain ships that will be safe to consume down the road is InkaCrops. They confirmed that in about 6 months they plan on changing their facility and they will no longer be processed in the same facility as other corn-based products. We'll keep you posted when they are safe! 

 For now you can enjoy your Samai plantain chips -- great snack to have on the go. 

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