PRODUCT REVIEW: Vanilla from Tahiti- Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Beans, Coffee, Lotion

Posted by Jennifer Gebbie on April 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Going gluten free is challenging, but what makes it even harder is understanding food labels. Do you ever feel like you need a degree to dissect a food label? I DO!!  I've pretty much given up on the majority of the brands that you see in your standard grocery stores today. Instead, I shop online and support amazing companies like Vanilla From Tahiti. 

Going gluten free doesn't mean that you can't enjoy baking, but it does mean that you need to make sure that you are buying #TrueGlutenFree products to bake with. I had the hardest time finding a vanilla extract for my recipes that was gluten free. Most people don't realize the importantance of understanding the derivative alcohol in their food products, as 99% of the time they are derived from corn. Don't forget if you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitive, then you most likely need to stay away from corn as it is technically a grain. 

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Wearing Gluten Free Makeup Is Important For Gluten Sensitive People

Posted by Jennifer Gebbie on September 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

I know you are probably saying "I stopped eating gluten and grains, but come on does that really apply to my lotions and cosmetics?" The answer is YES! Believe it or not 60% of the beauty products you put on your body will absorb through your skin and go into your blood stream. 

There have been numerous times throughout my life where I have had bizarre skin reactions and couldn't figure out what was causing them. Now that I know I'm non-celiac gluten sensitive, I'm sure my skin irritations were a result from the gluten and grains in my beauty products. For example, a few years ago I had a really bad reaction to eye makeup and I'd wake up every morning with itchy swollen eyes. I couldn't figure out what was causing the reaction. I didn't know why my makeup one day started to bother me when I had been using it for years. The various brands you find at drugstores or make-up stores would cause my skin to get excessively oily, too dry, or itchy. 

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